Internal electric lighting


We make lighting for premises for any purpose: for offices, industrial, warehouse, shopping and office centers, shops, residential and other facilities. When designing electric lighting, we take into account the purpose of the room, standards for illumination, features of operation, as well as interior design.

Internal lighting is divided into work and emergency.
Working - the main lighting, constantly operating, uses the main sources of electricity.
Emergency - lighting is used for safety, evacuation of people in case of emergency shutdown of working lighting


Power supply

Installation / replacement of electrical networks, trunk lines.
Work on the installation of electrical risers.
Power distribution network laying.
Laying of a group household outlet network.
Installation of low-voltage equipment.
Connecting power electrical receivers.
Installation and connection of power outlets.
Installation and connection of junction and junction boxes.

Power distribution system

Электрораспределительный щит

The installation of the switchboard is an important and crucial part of the electrical installation work in the premises. The reliability of the electrical network and the operation of its protective devices entirely depend on the quality of installation.

The assembly of electrical panels should ensure ease of use of electrical wiring, the possibility of separate power supply control for individual groups of consumers and selectivity of protection operation. This is possible only with a competent approach to each stage of work on the installation of a switchboard.


Backup and guaranteed power supply

A guaranteed power supply is an important part of building efficient and reliable power supply systems.
Installation of guaranteed power supply, we carry out taking into account the requirements of technological standards and fire safety. All sections of the system are subject to mandatory verification and testing..