Video surveillance installation

A video surveillance system is the most effective technical means of ensuring security.

It makes possible:

  • monitor the work of your staff;
  • ensure the safety of visitors;
  • registration of illegal actions;
  • possession of the general situation at the facility.

We have:

  • good price;
  • 1-5 years warranty;
  • high-quality performance;
  • in time.

Video surveillance system

Схема видеонаблюдения

How to choose the right equipment

IP or digital video surveillance - the most modern type of equipment, contains the latest set of functions. The picture quality prevails over other types, although it is slightly more expensive than other types, we recommend using it.

Turbo HD - Transmits high quality video over an analog cable. It has many modern features, but ... the future is IP.

Analog video surveillance is an outdated type, however, it is widely used where video surveillance is very necessary and the budget is limited.

Types of video cameras

Video camera resolution - picture quality

1 megapixel 1280 x 720

2 megapixel 1920 × 1080

4 Megapixels 2688 × 1520